PUMA Shot Darts


All Grand Finals can viewed by going to http://www.dartsforwin.com/live/

Ladies Singles Event


Corrine Hammond (24.74) Defeated Melissa Sinnott (19.93) 4-0
Sandra Smith (26.72) Defeated Tori Kewish (18.62) 4-2

Quarter Finals

Corrine Hammond Defeated Kayleigh Johnson 4-0
Melissa Sinnott Defeated Peta Whitlock 4-1
Sandra Smith Defeated Jade Whitworth 4-2
Tori Kewish Defeated Chris Sheerin 4-0

Last 16

Corrine Hammond Defeated Karen Richardson 3-0
Kayleigh Johnstone Defeated Raylene Miller 3-1
Melissa Sinnott Defeated Jenni O'Rielly 3-1
Peta Whitlock Defeated Sarah Brown 3-0
Sandra Smith Defeated Tracey Bechaz 3-0
Jade Whitworth Defeated Helen Taylor 3-0
Tori Kewish Defeated Renae King 3-0
Chris Sheerin Defeated Daviesha Ikatautama 3-0

Group Qualifers

Group 1
Corrine Hammond
Jade Whitworth
Sarah Brown
Renae King
Group 2
Melissa Sinnott
Chris Sheerin 170 checkout
Raylene Miller
Tracey Bechaz
Group 3
Sandra Smith
Kayleigh Johnson
Daviesha Ikatautama
Jenni O'Rielly
Group 4
Tori Kewish
Peta Whitlock
Helen Taylor
Karen Richardson


The Ladies preliminary rounds played in a Round Robin format best of five legs with the top fours place getters going through to the knockout stages.

Group 1
Corrine Hamond
Renae King
Sarah Brown
Margie Lee
Jade Whitworth
Group 2
Melissa Sinnott
Raylene Miller
Cassie Lee
Tracey Bechaz
Alison Saunders
Chris Sheerin
Group 3
Sandra Smith
Daviesha Ikatautama
Seven Francois
Jenni O'Riely
Group 4
Tori Kewish
Karen Richardson
Helen Taylor
Leanne Wilson
Bec Webster
Peta Whitlock

All Grand Finals can viewed by going to http://www.dartsforwin.com/live/

Men's Singles Event


John Weber (25.43) Defeated Eddy Sims (27.52) 6-5

Steve Duke (25.48) Defeated Tic Bridge (24.34) 6-3

Quarter Finals
Steve Duke Snr (26.96) Defeated Harley Kemp (22.89) 5-1
Tic Bridge (27.52) Defeated Stuart Leach (22.48) 5-0
John Weber (26.02) Defeated Rhys Mathewson (23.65) 5-2
Eddy Sims ( 26.91) ) Defeated James Bailey ( 26.54 )

Last 16

Harley Kemp Defeated Robbie King 4-3
Steve Duke Snr Defeated Steve Kewish 4-0
Tic Bridge Defeated Raymond O'Donnell 4-3
Stuart Leach Defeated Andrew Coburn 4-1
James Bailey Defeated Wayne Weening 4-2
Eddy Sims Defeated Adrian McDevitt 4-1
Rhys Mathewson Defeated Lucas Cameron 4-0
John Weber Defeated Chris Vasey 4-3

Last 32

Harley Kemp Defeated Mitchell Clegg 3-1
Robbie King Defeated Mark Smyth 3-2
Steve Duke snr Defeated Phillip Bottrell snr 3-0
Steve Kewish Defeated Brian Walsh 3-0
Tic Bridge Defeated Ian McAlpine 3-0
Raymond O'Donnell Defeated Matthew Francois 3-0
Stuart Leach Defeated Kody Dodds-Watson 3-0
Andrew Coburn Defeated Glen Wallis 3-0
James Bailey Defeated Aaron Marsh 3-0
Wayne Weening Defeated Shane Reeve 3-0
Adrian McDevitt Defeated Ray Saunders 3-1
Eddy Sims Defeated Scott Kennedy 3-0
Rhys Mathewson Defeated Tommy Hyland 3-0
Lucas Cameron Defeated Mark Edwards 3-1
Chris Vasey Defeated Jackson Wilson-Young 3-1
John Weber Defeated David Putt 3-1

Group Qualifiers

Group 1
Harley Kemp
David Putt
Andrew Coburn
Ray Saunders
Group 2
Steve Duke snr
Mark Edwards
Ray O'donnell
Aaron Marsh
Group 3
Tic Bridge
Wayne Weening
Mark Smyth
Jackson Wilson -Young
Group 4
Stuart Leach
Scott Kennedy
Brian Walsh
Tommy Hyland
Group 5
James Bailey
Matthew Francois
Lucas Cameron
Phillip Bottrell snr
Group 6
Adrian McDevitt
Glen Wallis
John Weber
Mitchell Clegg
Group 7
Rhys Mathewson
Steve Kewish
Eddy Sims
Kody Dodds Watson
Group 8
Chris Vasey
Robbie King
Shane Reeve
Ian McAlpine


Preliminary Rounds are Round Robin best of 3 legs with the top four placed players in their group advancing to the knockout stages.

Group 1
Harley Kemp
Ray Saunders
Luke Crockford
Andrew Coburn
Rowan Gall
Brian Fordham
Mark Heath
David Putt
Brodie Dawson
Group 2
Steve Duke Snr
Tim Wiliams
Aaron Marsh
Ray O'Donnell
Michael Conlon
Nathan Bridge
Declan Bailey
Mark Edwards
Group 3
Tic Bridge
Stephen Foster
Mark Smith
Jackson Wilson-Young
Chase Bottrell
Andrew Waters
Wayne Weening
Phillip Bottrell Jnr
Group 4
Stuart Leach
Isaac Poulgrain
Nick Rogers Jnr
Scott Kennedy
Tony Versace
Brian Walsh
Michael Francois
Tommy Hyland
Group 5
James Bailey
Lucas Cameron
David Walker
Phillip Bottrell Snr
Daron Clark
Jeremy Long
Ken Penberthy
Matthew Francois
Group 6
Mitchell Clegg
Peter Dennison
Ben McNair
John Weber
Glen Wallis
Jason Dennison
Ben Justice
Adrain McDevitt

Group 7
Eddy Sims
Mick Knowles
Greg Hughes
Steve Kewish
Daniel Lill
Kody Dodds Watson
Rhys Mathewson
Craig Kemp

Group 8
Chris Vasey
Robbie King
Ian McAlpine
Jamie Brown
Daniel Bell
Will Duggan
Shane Reeve
Tristan Kewish
Connor Beecher


The Men's Doubles played using a two life system.

Men's Doubles Final Second Life

A cracking game between Steve Duke & Jamie Brown against James Bailey & Stuart Leach with the game going leg for leg and into the final leg following the scores being level at 4-4
In the final leg it's James who pegs to win the match 5-4 and James and Stuart become outright winners of what has been the toughest doubles event in the history of the Darts Victoria Easter Tournament

Final of First Life

James Bailey & Stuart Leach Def Robbie King & Jason Murdoch 5-3

Second Life Semi-Finals

James Bailey & Stuart Leech Def Steve Kewish & Simon Sykes 4-2

Steve Duke & Jamie Brown Def Don Mazey & Glenn Wallis 4-3

Semi -Final First Life

Robbie King & Jason Murdoch Def Adrain McDevitt & Jeremy McDevitt 4-0

Robbie and Jason proved far too good for AdrIan & Jeremy outclassing the Victorian pairing in a one-sided match.

Second Life
James Bailey & Stuart Leach Def Eddy Sims & Tic Bridge 4-3
World class darts from all four players in this great game that was a pleasure to watch for the spectators before James and Stuart closed out the game.

First Life

Last 8 Results
Adrian McDevitt & Jeremy McDevitt Def Jackson Wilson Young & Ray Saunders
Robbie King & Jason Murdoch Def Rhys Mathewson & Sam Ballinger
Eddy Sims & Tic Bridge Def Michael Conlon & Ray O' Donnell
James Bailey & Stuart Leach Def Phillip Bottrell snr & Phillip Bottrell

Second Life

Last 8 Results
Steve Duke Snr& Jamie Brown Def Rhys Mathewson & Sam Ballinger
James Bailey & Stuart Leach Def Adrian McDevitt & Jeremy McDevitt
Steve Kewish & Simon Sykes Def Chris Vasey & Mick Knowles
Don Mazey & Glen Wallis Def Tim Williams & Daniel Lil


Ladies Doubles played using a two life system.

Ladies Doubles Grand Final

Corrine Hammond & Melissa Sinnott Defeated Chris Sheerin & Sue Tuhi 4-3
Leg one and it's Chris and Sue out to a 1-0 lead
Leg Two and Chris and Sue keep up the good work to take a 2-0 advantage
Leg Three and Corrine and Melissa move up a gear to bring the deficit back to one 1-2
Leg Four and a 75 check out by Chris makes the gap two legs once more 1-3
Leg Five goes to Corrine and Melissa to make the score 2-3
Leg Six once more goes the way of Corrine and Melissa courtesy of a fine 65 checkout to make the match score level at 3-3
Leg Seven and Corrine and Melissa win a close leg to become doubles champions with a score of 4-3

First Life

Sandra Smith & Raylene Miller Def Kylie McKiernan & Maggie Cooper 3-0
A strong performance by the Tasmanian duo to take this match.

Chris Sheerin & Sue. Tuhi Def Peta Whitlock & Bec Webster 3-1
Chris Sheerin led the way with an outstanding performance backed up by Sue proving too strong for the Queensland pairing.

Second Life

Corrine Hammond & Melissa Sinnott Def Chris Sheerin & Sue Tuhi 3-2
This was a high quality match with all four players firing on all cylinders , 180' s by Sue ,Melissa and Chris and 140's by Corrine ,made this an exciting game to watch.

Kylie McKiernan & Maggie Cooper Def Sandra Smith & Raylene Miller 3-2
A dour contest throughout with Maggie hitting the double in the final leg to advance to the next round.

Last Sixteen
Peta Whitlock & Rebecca Webster Def Tori Kewish & Jade Whitworth
Chris Sheerin & Sue Tuhi Def Corrine Hammond & Melissa Sinnott
Sandra Smith & Ralene Miller Def L.Wilson & Seven Francois
Kyle McKiernan & Maggie Cooper Def Veronica Wilson & Helen Taylor
Sandra Smith & Raylene Miller Def Tori Kewish & Jade Whitworth
Kyle McKiernan & Maggie Cooper Def Trish Bucholz & Daviesha Ikatautama
Corrine Hammond & Melissa Sinnott Def L. Wilson & Seven Francois
Chris Sheerin & Sue Tuhi Def T.McLaren & Simone Devereux

The weekend began with a sponsors dinner in appreciation of their support followed by the bull shootout, this year the shootout was designed to be fast and furious with five opportunities for players to pick up a $100 prize to start the weekend off.

Rhys Mathewson won all three of the male shootouts with totals of 11, 13, and 11 in each of the ten minute time slots.

Kylie Mckiernan took out the First Ladies with a total,of 5 and then backed up by taking a share of the second phase with Melissa Sinnott and Mel Garbutt who all scored 3 within the ten minutes timeframe.


Saturday Morning and the hall is packed with players from Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and of course a big local turnout from Victoria.
With over $8000 in prize money, Grand Prix and BDO ranking points up for grabs there is a keen following from amongst the top ranked National players. The winner of this tournament also qualifies for the Winmau World Masters in the Uk.

Australian Representatives Eddy Sims ,James Bailey and Lakeside, Winmau World Masters and World Dart Trophy player Harley Kemp are keen to keep their momentum going but face stiff competition from a strong field of players that includes New South Wales Rep Mitchell Clegg, Stuart Leach the legend Steve Duke snr, Former Australian Rep and WDF World Pairs Champion Wayne Weening, Former Australian Singles Champion Andy Robertson to name a few.
Also in attendance is Robbie King fresh from his overseas PDC youth debut who will be looking to make an impression on this tournament.
Australian Representative Corrine Hammond and Tasmanian Sandra Smith both winners of many Australian Tournaments head up a quality field in the Ladies event that features a strong interstate and Local talent that includes Queenslands Peta Whitlock and Local Champion Melissa SInnott.

Mixed Doubles

John Weber & Sandra Smith def Tic Bridge & Mel Garbutt
Robbie King & Tori Kewish def Sam Ballinger & Helen Taylor
Mitchell Clegg & Corrine Hammond def Eddy Sims & Marg Coburn
Rhys Mathewson & Jasmine Quinn def Scott Kennedy & Bec Webster

John Weber & Sandra Smith def Robbie King & Tori Kewish
Mitchell Clegg & Corinne Hammond Def Rhys Mathewson & Jasmine Quinn

Mitchell Clegg & Corrine Hammond Def John Weber & Sandra Smith 4-0

Program of events for 2014 Senior Championships in Adelaide

Sunday 20th July
9.00am to 5.00pm Level 1 Coaching Course Hope Inn Sport & Social Club
Monday 21st July
9.00am to finish Level 1 Coaching Course Hope Inn Sport & Social Club
Tuesday 22nd July
9.30am Mid-Year meeting Hope Inn Sport & Social Club
Wednesday 23rd July

9.30am Continue General Meeting
Thursday 24th July
9.00am Official Opening. Rounds 1 to 4 of Peter Mac
Friday 25th July
9 am Peter Mac Rds 5 to 7 and finals
Saturday 26th July
9 am Pacific Masters
Sunday 27th July
9 30 am Teams Rounds 1 2 3
Monday 28th July
9 30 am Teams Rounds 4 5 6
Tuesday 29th July
9 30 am Teams 7 followed by Men’s and Ladies Pairs
Wednesday 30th July
9 30 am Singles – Men to ¼ finals & Ladies to Semi-Finals followed by Mixed Doubles,
Thursday 31st July
9.00 am Finals day. Men’ Singles ¼ finals up and Ladies Semi-Finals up
Thursday 31st July
Presentations and Awards - Time to Be Announced

The Selectors for 2014 are as follows:
Chairman of Selectors Rodney Bessell
Selectors as selected at the AGM 2013 for a 2 year period
Tony David
Betty Hislop
Judy Taylor

2014 D.A. National Selection Policy

Two additional tournaments have been added to the Darts Australia Grand Prix
Whyalla - South Australia and van Diemens Open - Tasmania

B.D.O. Table

  Tournament Date State/Territory
1 Australian Masters Geelong October 19-20 2013 Victoria
2 Sunshine State Classic November 23-24 2013 Queensland
3 Golden Nugget  December 7-8 2013 Northern Territory
4 Whyalla - New Poster Updated March 7, 8 & 9 2014 South Australia
5 West Coast Classic March 15-16 2014 Western Australia
6 Victorian Easter Tournament April 19-20 2014 Victoria
  Youth Easter Poster    
7 Central Coast Leagues Club Classic June 28-29 2014 New South Wales
8 Australian Grand Masters July 4-6 2014 Canberra
9 Pacific Masters July 26 2014 South Australia
10 Van Diemen's Open August 24 2014 Tasmania
11 New South Wales Masters September 13-14 2014 New South Wales

Darts Australia Table

  Tournament Date State/Territory
1 New South Wales Masters September 13-14 2014 New South Wales
2 Australian Masters Geelong October 19-20 2013 Victoria
3 Sunshine State Classic November 23-24 2013 Queensland
4 Golden Nugget  December 7-8 2013 Northern Territory
5 Whyalla  March 7, 8 - 9 2014 South Australia
6 West Coast Classic March 15-16 2014 Western Australia
7 Victorian Easter Tournament April 19-20 2014 Victoria
8 Central Coast Leagues Club Classic June 28-29 2014 New South Wales
9 Australian Grand Masters July 4-6 2014 Canberra
10 Pacific Masters July 26 2014 South Australia


The Cricketer - December 2013

11 Greatest Anglo Aussie Sporting Moments

An interesting article regarding Anglo-Aussie Sporting moments.

From football to billiards Daniel Brigham finds that England v Australia is not all about the Ashes.

read more ...

09 January 2014 Note: Please See Amended Attached Sheet Below

The 2013 Awards have now been finalised for both senior and youth categories.
The WDF will be sending the award cheques to y ou shortly by registered post.

1: Harley Kemp Aus 256 500

1: Lorraine Burn Aus 379 500
2: Corrine Hammond Aus 324 300

1: Jackson Wilson Young Aus 60 400
1: Jamie Rundle Aus 60 400
3: Matthew Francois Aus 50 200

1: Tiarna Smith Aus 25 400
1: Tori Kewish Aus 25 400
3: Jade Whitworth Aus 20 100
3: Jordan Clarke Aus 20 100


Full list and details - Amended Sheet Attached

Darts Australia Grand Prix Points Structure

Following a review of the points structure for the Darts Australia Grand Prix events, the Points structure will be amended as per the table below:

1st Place: spacer20pts
2nd Place: spacer18pts
3-4th Place: spacer16pts
5-8th Place: spacer14pts
9-16th Place: spacer12pts
17-32 Place: spacer6pts

The D.A. Grand Prix commences on September 8th with the New South Wales Master at Mount Pritchard and will include 10 Tournaments in the upcoming Grand Prix season that concludes with the World Ranked Pacific Masters in South Australia in July 2014.

PUMA News Update - 08 March 2014

PUMA News Update - 15 January 2014

Puma News Update - 16 October 2013

PUMA Catalogue [pdf 5.8 meg]



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pumaDear Darts Australia members,
We hope your dart season is going well and you are enjoying the record coverage of darts on Foxtel of late with plenty more to come!

2013 has been busy time for us over here at Puma Darts in Katikati, NZ. The latest Puma Darts collection was released in February . There is also plenty happening across all steel and soft tip dart markets for us. Puma Darts are excited to be working with new dart finishing technology and accessory innovations and look forward to bringing these to you, we welcome your valuable feedback along the way!

2013 also marks a special milestone for Puma Darts, it is the 20th Anniversary of the popular and renown 'Bandit' dartboard technology. As you know over the years this
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As part of our grass roots support of youth darts throughout the world including Australia, Canada, NZ and Hong Kong to date, Puma Darts have formed Puma Darts Young Guns Australia which feature a selection of the countries top youth darters including Tyson Hoefel, Jackson Wilson-Young, Jamie Rundle, Robbie King, Guy Holland, Tori Kewish, Brittany Fordham and Sarah Langley. We wish these youth players
all the best at the upcoming events on the Darts Australia calendar.

We also wish you all the best for your upcoming events including the Australian Darts Championships in Canberra on July 28-Aug 3 so all the best for your preparation for this special event and its a great time to be fine tuning your dart set-up in advance and allowing Puma Darts and our vast selection of dart equipment to help you with this where possible.

Best regards from the team at Puma Darts!


Darts Australia letter

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Dartswarehouse – is a darts shop online that has been slowing building since 2003 not only in size but reputation. We specialise in selling the full ranges of Puma Darts and Shot! darts brands but also stock the L-style range of product as well.

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Alice Springs Games

Alice Springs Games

Alice Springs Masters Games on 11-18 October 2014 features 33 sports including Darts. The Alice Springs Masters Games was the first Games of its kind in Australia, with the inaugural event held in 1986. Held every 2 years, the Games offer athletes 25 years and older the chance to experience Australian sports in the red heartland. Age limit, Games and Sport fees vary for each Sport. For Darts, the age limit is 35 years, the Games fee is $70 and Darts fee is $35. Click here for more details on Darts at the Games:

Registrations are now open, and all Members are encouraged to register their teams and clubs today. Maximum entrants 25 teams. Competition includes: Blind Drawn Mystery Doubles, 301 Double In/Double Out Drawn Doubles, Drawn Doubles Men, Drawn Doubles Ladies, Teams Event, Singles Ladies and Singles Mens. The competitions are played on set days starting from Saturday 11 October and ending Saturday 18 October. You can view the Darts schedule here: http://www.alicespringsmastersgames.com.au/sports/darts/

Tony DavidIn 2002 Tony David became the first Australian player to win a World Professional Darts Championship.

Tony David became the first Australian to win the Embassy World title with a 6-4 victory over Mervyn King and to this day Tony is our only Men's World Singles Champion [Embassy/Lakeside]

To reach the Final Tony beat England's Martin Adams
[ M Adams (Eng) 4-5 (2-4 on a tie-break) T David (Aus)] in a tie-break in the Semi-Final for a place in the Embassy World Darts final against Mervyn King.

Youtube Video

Graham HuntIn 1997 Graham Hunt became the first and still the only Australian to win the Men's Singles at Winmau.

Graham played Ronnie Baxter in the Final and won the event 3-2 finishing the match with a 33 per dart average.


Youtube Video


2014 - Calendar of Events - Updated 10 February 2014

16 January 2014 - Jamie Brown of Victoria was interviewed by Andrew Kuuse
RSN Radio click here to hear that interview

Darts Australia is committed to the principles of Pure Performance in sport (Anti-Doping), Darts Australia condemns doping in sport at all levels.

Anti-doping programs seek to preserve what is intrinsically valuable about sport. The essence of sport at all levels in Australia upholds the principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety.

Darts Australia seeks to protect athlete's rights to participate and compete in a doping free sport and promote health, fairness and equality for athletes worldwide.

Darts Australia also seeks to ensure harmonised, coordinated and effective anti-doping programs at all levels in regard to detection, deterrence and prevention of doping within sport.

Darts Australia's Anti-Doping policy (2009) is currently under review and new
Anti-Doping Section has been added to the Darts Australia website to provide information to all stakeholders.

Please be aware that ASDMAC (Australian Sports Medical Advisory Committee) is the only body that can grant approval to athletes who are ligitamitely utilising a prohibitive substance for therapeutic purposes.

Athletes should also be aware that Therapeutic Use Exemption forms (TUE'S) must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the commencement of a tournament or immediately before taking a prohibited substance.

Athletes should also be aware that is their sole responsibility to ensure that applications are submitted directly to ASDMAC.

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WDDA Wild-Fire Brochure [pdf 365k]

Further details and Registration online at:
or allbrothers@bigpond.com


1. The BDO Invitational Tables System (System) regulates qualification to play in the BDO World Profess ional Darts Championships and the BDO World Masters (the BDO Events) by identifying the events at which players can earn qualification points for the BDO Events (Qualifying Events) and by setting certain standardised eligibility and other criteria for those events.
2. This version of the System will come into effect as from 13th December 2012 (the Effective Date) and may be amended by the BDO Board of Directors from time to time, with such amendments coming into force on the date specified by the BDO.

read more ...

“The Complete Records of the Embassy and Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships 1978 to 2012” - [pdf 1 meg]

For more information on the books or for many other programmes and results
from events from the 1970’s to the current day visit go and visit Colin Saunders


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