The Darts Federation of Australia (DFA) is the governing body for the sport of darts in Australia. It operates the Australian national championship, is responsible for the Australia national team and oversees both international and individual state competition for every state in Australia.  All states are part of the DFA as are many hundreds of individual darts clubs throughout Australia.

The DFA is affiliated to the World Darts Federation and as such is part of the group of international controlling bodies representing the high standards, compliance and rules with regard to darts and darts equipment in more than 50 countries worldwide.

We are delighted to announce the signing of a 3 year sponsorship and endorsement agreement between the Darts Federation of Australia and Formula.

The Formula Micro Band Dartboard is now the exclusive official dartboard of the DFA and will be used in all Australian championship, international and ranking competitions. No other dartboard will be used:  The Micro Band dartboard will also be used by every state for inter and intra state competition.

Many Formula darts products will feature details of the DFA endorsement of Formula products on the packaging.  We will also be marketing a range of DFA products later in the year.

The DFA endorsement is tremendous affirmation and recognition of Formula products by the Australian national ruling body and as such gives great integrity to our brand.

Also Formula has signed a 3 year agreement with Tony David, the current No.1 ranked player in Australia: Tony is the only Australian ever to win the  Lakeside  World   professional darts Championship and is without doubt the best known Australian darts player in history, when Tony won the Lakeside  World   professional darts Championship he became a legend in the darting fraternity and a recognisable leading Australian sporting personality.  We are marketing a range of Tony David darts and Tony is playing exclusively with Formula products.

As the official DFA dartboard supplier, Formula will have a big presence at national, state and club level and the brand will be highly visible at dart playing venues nationwide creating considerable exposure of the Formula brand:  Also to have Australia’s current top player, who is also the most  successful, famous and respected player ever in Australian darts, playing with and promoting the Formula brand is an influential player endorsement of the product to the consumer.

These two agreements secure Formula Sports position as the leading darts brand in Australia and is an indication of our commitment to the sport here: But it is also a significant commercial strategy to assist our retail partners in providing consumer recognition and customer take up of the Formula brand. Our intention is to make the Formula brand instantly recognisable.

Traditionally sports brands which are associated with the top player and with the national organisation within their sport category experience high levels of brand recognition:  The recognition and credibility created by association with and endorsement by Australia's two most important darts identities will be a great influence on purchase decisions and will without doubt promote sales of Formula products within your stores.

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